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New Fadi's opening next month - featuring Turlington Ledgestone!

Fadi's Mediterranean Grill - Opening July 2016!

Fadi Dimassi opened Fadi’s Mediterranean family-style restaurant, twenty years ago, in 1996.  Over the years, Mr. Dimassi has opened a total of seven restaurants; three in Dallas and four in Houston.  With the restaurant’s enormous popularity, two additional restaurants will open soon; one in Katy and one next to City Center Houston.


Man-Made Thin Veneer versus Natural Thin Veneer

What’s the difference between Man-Made Veneer Stone and Natural Thin Veneer?

Man-Made Veneer Stone (also known as cast stone, faux stone, manufactured stone) is a man-made product using cement, aggregates and pigmented dyes.  These materials are mixed together and poured into molds to mimic the shape and colors of natural stone.

Common Misconceptions and Questions

“Man-Made Stone is cheaper than Natural Stone.” – FALSE


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