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How do you sell your stone?

Apex Stone primarily sells full-pallet quantities.  For customer convenience, we do offer materials in smaller quantities; however, not every material is available in our partial pallet section.  99% of the material Apex offers is sold by the pound.

What is the difference between full veneer and thin veneer?

Apex Stone has full veneer stone which is generally 3”-5” inches in thickness, and this material is sold by the pound.  We also offer a thin veneer product which is 1”-1 ½” in thickness and is sold by the square footage.  Deciding which material works best for your project is generally dictated by the brick ledge and/or the preference of your installer.  

Do you provide custom cut pieces or carvings to my specifications?

Yes!  Apex Stone has a custom cut department dedicated to bringing our clients’ visions to life.  Our skilled artisans specialize in dimensional cuts, panels, cladding, window surrounds, door surrounds, fireplace surrounds, statues and more!  Each job is priced dependent upon material, labor and extent of detailing.  Please use the form below to submit a request for a quotation.

Do You Sell "Dry Stacked" Stone?

The term "Dry Stacked" does not refer to a type of stone, but actually is a type of joint between the stones.  Click here for more information on Mortar Joints.

What is the difference between Man-made Stone and Natural Thin Veneer?

Great Question!  Please click here  to find more information about Man-made Stone and Natural Thin Veneer. 


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