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Ashlar Collection

Our Ashlar Collection offers a wide variety of building stone ranging in colors, sizes, styles and yields. The Ashlar Collection is typically described as block-shaped, or rectangular-shaped.  Characteristics can include sawn or chopped edges, or a combination of both sawn and chopped edges. Ashlar/Chopped is available from 3" - 5" depth,  4" - 8" height with random length. Custom sizes in some products are available.

The Ashlar Collection

Mosaic Collection

Our Mosaic Collection incorporates irregular shapes and sizes to create a truly distinct visual effect.

The Mosaic Collection

Chateau Collection

Our Chateau Collection consists of cut/sawn/chopped or hand selected stone that is placed in a tumbler which rotates the stones against each other.  This tumbling process produces a variety of edges including smooth, softened and rounded edging finishes.
The Chateau Collection

Rustic Ledge Collection

Our Rustic Ledge Collection shows the natural “ledge” side of a chopped stone and will vary in height from 1”-5”, creating a stackable look.  The products in this collection can have ledge and/or natural faces of the stone visible and will not include stone that is smooth cut/sawn.

Panel Collection

Our Natural Thin Veneer Stone Panels are available in a variety of colors and surface details.   Each panel is 6" high x 24" long and approximately 1" thick.  Colors range from bright white to dark black, and can display either a smooth split face, or a more textured rock face.   These panels fit together like puzzle pieces and are popular among a lot of do-it-yourselfers.

Rockwell Category Panel

Fine Line Collection

The Fine Line Collection is the ideal product line for a clean, classic, and contemporary design.  Like the popular stone-panel product, this stone has a smaller height and straight lines on top and bottom; however, our material is individual stone pieces which allows for huge flexibility in regards to installation.  Similar to our Rustic Ledge Collection in appearance, the Fine Line Collection will create a more uniform finished product.

Fine Line Collection - Ledgestone

Colonial Collection

Our Colonial Collection includes stone that is typically chopped anywhere from 3-12 inch in height and is available in both thin veneer and full veneer

The Colonial Collection

Cobble Collection

Our Cobble Collection includes both river rock and cobble stones which are irregular in nature. This collection consists of the largest range of sizes and shapes to suit the customer who is looking for a truely unique stone pattern.
River Rock is hand-picked from dry creek beds and rivers and will have smooth surfaces with rounded edges that are naturally tumbled by Mother Nature.  River Rock typically has random sizes available from 3 inches to 12 inches in diameter (Heights).
Cobble stone refers to material that is more random in size.  Most cobble stone is not smooth like River Rock; however, it can present with some smooth edges.
Both Cobble and River Rock is typically more measurable in diameter than a length-width-height measurement.

The Cobble Collection

Architectural Stone

Architectural Stone 

Manor Collection

Material in our Manor Collection can be described as soft, but linear; meaning, the material maintains consistent linear horizontal lines, but the edges have been tumbled to create a vintage look. These products can range anywhere from 1" in height to 10+" in height.

Decorative Gravels

Decorative gravel and stone has a myriad of uses around your home.  It can be used as a hardscape material, ground cover, driveway surface, drainage project, weed blocker and much more!  With over 20 different types of gravel, Apex Stone is sure to have a product which fulfills your needs. We sell our gravels by the half yard and full yard quantities.  

Please keep in mind when making your gravel selections that gravel looks completely different when wet versus dry as shown here in the picture. 

Patio Stone

A natural stone patio or flagstone patio can be the perfect accent to any house.  Whether you are building a new home or updating your old patio, we have many flagstone options to compliment any structure.  Several thicknesses are available to provide the most cost effective application.

Natural Stone Pavers / Stone Flooring

Pool Coping

Pool Coping is defined as the edging material that is installed around the top of a swimming pool.  Different installation methods are used to create a wide variety of finished looks.  Apex Stone offers coping in a wide variety of colors to enhance any pool design.  Once you have selected the desired color of coping, you will need to speak with your pool contractor regarding the style or pattern desired to achieve your dream oasis! 

Natural Stone - Pool Coping


Natural stone boulders are one of the most durable and beautiful accents to your landscaping.  Boulders come in a VAST assortment of sizes, shapes, colors and origins.  Because Mother Nature designs all of these boulders, you will never find two identical boulders which adds to their individual character and charm.  Keep in mind that boulders are sold by the pound, not by the piece, and ultimately someone will have to install the boulder in it's final destination.  

Moss Rock Boulder

Flooring Series

Natural stone flooring adds sophisticated elegance that is easily incorporated into many design schemes and decor styles for both interior and exterior applications.  Depending upon the material, surface finish, and edge finish, the finished flooring can create an Old World look or a modern chic appearance.  Because of it's high mineral composition, natural stone floors are not only durable, but also full of unique characteristics.  Proper sealing and cleaning will help maintain your natural stone tiles for years to come.


Info coming soon.

Texas Moss Rock Edging / Border

Stone Accessories

Stone Accessories