Texas Limestone Home

Texas Limestone Home

Austin Brown Limestone 

Austin Brown, often times referred to as nicotine, features a range of colors including light cream, dark cream, and an orange or rusty hue. Standard sizes are 4",6" & 8" height - however specific sizes, as well as larger sizes are available upon request. Using a red/orange Spanish style roof accents the limestone used on the exterior elevation of the home and really ties the entire project together.  

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Austin Brown Chopped - with White Mortar

Austin Brown

Color: Off White, Tan, Rust, Gold, Light Brown


Full Veneer: Approx. 45 sq.ft. per ton  

Thin Veneer: Sold in Flats- (Square Foot - increments of 10) & Corners - (Linear Foot increments of 5)


Full Veneer: 3"- 5" D x 4"H, 6"H, 8"H  

Thin Veneer: 1"- 1.5" D x 4"H, 6"H, 8"H

Delivery: Bulk or Palletized