Flagstone Patio - Pergola

Flagstone Patio - Pergola

By sticking with materials in the same color-family, this customer created an outdoor oasis! The landscape edging is tied into the columns, and the flagstone patio colors are reflected in the wood on the pergola. Natural stone column caps keep with the theme of an all-natural outdoor space.

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Seminole Patio

Seminole Patio

Color: Off white, Tan, Buff, Black, Rust, Orange

Coverage:  Varies based on thickness of stone

Dimensions:  Patio:  Thin, 1", 2"   Select:  Thin, 1"-2"

Delivery: Palletized

Texas Moss Rock

Texas Moss Rock

Color: Rust, Tan, Brown, Black with Moss accents

Coverage: Varies depending on application

Bull Rock

River Gravel - Bullrock

Color: Brown, Beige, Tan, Cream, Off White, Black

Coverage:  1 yard = 80 sq.ft. at 4" Thick

Dimensions: 3" - 5" 

Delivery: Bagged - 1 yard maximum per bag