Stone Fireplace - Custom Hearthstone

Stone Fireplace - Custom Hearthstone


Stone Fireplace - Custom Hearth

This interior fireplace utilizes our Autumn Blend stone from the Mosaic Collection. By using a grey mortar and grey hearthstone, the colors on this fireplace are matte and subtle. The mortar color and application selected for this project creates a unique overall appearance.  For more information on mortar and Mortar Joints, please see our handy guide.  Autumn Blend is available in both  full veneer thickness or cut into a thin veneer.   


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Autumn Blend - Mosaic Collection - Dry Stacked

Autumn Blend

Color: Cream, Rust, Gold, Tan

Coverage: 42 sq. ft. per ton

Dimensions: 3" - 5" Depth x Irregular Shapes & Sizes 

Delivery: Bulk or Palletized



Color: Grey

Coverage:  N/A

Dimensions: 1.25", 2.25" Thickness (Custom Sizes Available)

Delivery: Palletized