Kitchen Stone Accents

Kitchen Stone Accents

Kitchen Accent Stone  - 

Located in Fulshear, Texas, this beautiful kitchen is further enhanced by using natural stone around the stove area. By using the warm colors represented in Hickory, this customer ties together the color pallet throughout the kitchen.  

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Color: Tan, Chocolate, Black, Rust, Off White with Rough Texture 

Coverage:  Full Veneer: Approx. 45 - 50 sq.ft. per ton  |  Thin Veneer: Sold in Flats- (Square Foot) & Corners - (Linear Foot)

Dimensions: Full Veneer: 3"- 4" D x 4"H, 6"H, 8"H  |   Thin Veneer: 1"- 1.5" D x 4"H, 6"H, 8"H

Delivery: Palletized