Grey Stone and Stucco Combo

Grey Stone and Stucco Combo

Stucco and stone combinations have become very popular.  Whether your stucco is cream, grey or any other color, there are many stone options to compliment your stucco.

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Sikora - Rustic Ledge Collection - Dry Stacked


Color: Grey, Charcoal, Brown, Rust, Tan

Coverage:    Full Veneer: Approx. 40 sq.ft. per ton  |  Thin Veneer: Sold in Flats- (Square Foot) & Corners - (Linear Foot)

Dimensions:  Full Veneer: 4"- 5" Depth  x 4" Minus Height  |   Thin Veneer: 1"- 1.5" D x 4" Minus Height

Delivery: Palletized

Winchester Grey

Color: Light Grey - Dark Grey, Charcoal, Brown, Rust, some Black

Coverage: 45-50 sq.ft. per ton

Dimensions: 3"-5" Depth x Random Shapes & Sizes

Delivery: Palletized