Stone Wainscot - Retail Space

Stone Wainscot - Retail Space

The dark stone wainscoting on this Automotive center really stands out against the light-colored cladding used on the façade. The Choctaw Tan squares and rectangles used on this building are random in height and length which creates a distinct visual-contrast to the rigid dimensions of the cladding.

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Choctaw Tan Squares and Recs

Choctaw Tan Squares & Recs

Color: Tan, Chocolate, Black, Rust, Light Brown, Off White

Coverage:  Full Veneer: Approx. 45-50 sq.ft. per ton  |  Thin Veneer: Sold in Flats- (Square Foot) & Corners - (Linear Foot)

Dimensions:  Full Veneer: 3"- 4" D x Random Squares & Rectangles  |   Thin Veneer: 1"- 1.5" D x Random Squares & Rectangles 

Delivery: Palletized