Brewingz - Houston

Brewingz - Houston

Brewingz Sports Bar and Grill has 22 locations throughout Texas.  The designer wanted contrasting materials on the facade of the buildings.  To create the desired visual appearance, the contractor combined Cantera panels on the top portion of the building with Choctaw Tan on the columns.   

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Choctaw Tan - Ashlar

Choctaw Tan

Color: Tan, Chocolate, Black, Rust, Light Brown, Off White

Coverage:  Full Veneer: Approx. 45- 50 sq.ft. per ton  |  Thin Veneer: Sold in Flats- (Square Foot) & Corners - (Linear Foot)

Dimensions:  Full Veneer: 3"- 4" D x 4"H, 6"H, 8"H  |   Thin Veneer: 1"- 1.5" D x 4"H, 6"H, 8"H

Delivery: Palletized