Landscape Fabric

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  • NW4.5 Drainage & Filtration Fabric

    FEATURES: Allows high water flow Soil separation for added stability High strength/dimensionally stable Rot & Mildew Resistant   APPLICATIONS: French Drains Erosion Control Behind Retaining Walls General Landscape
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  • Pro Plus IV Premium Landscape Fabric

    BENEFITS: Strength of a woven,¬†permittivity¬†of a non-woven Weed control Planting stripes make spacing quick and easy Retains moisture for plant health   APPLICATIONS: Soil/landscape stabilization Weed barrier under landscape beds, gardens, decks, patios and sidewalks
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  • SB3 General Landscape Fabric

    FEATURES: Tear Resistant High water flow/permittivity Easy to cut and use Weed Control   APPLICATIONS: Gardens/Planters General Landscaping Behind Retaining Walls French Drains/Drainfields
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