New Fadi's opening next month - featuring Turlington Ledgestone!

Fadi's Mediterranean Grill - Opening July 2016!

Fadi Dimassi opened Fadi’s Mediterranean family-style restaurant, twenty years ago, in 1996.  Over the years, Mr. Dimassi has opened a total of seven restaurants; three in Dallas and four in Houston.  With the restaurant’s enormous popularity, two additional restaurants will open soon; one in Katy and one next to City Center Houston.

Natural Thin Veneer in Houston

The first of the new locations to open is Fadi’s at Attingham and I-10, next to City Center Houston (formerly Town & Country Mall).  Apex Stone™ is pleased to supply the interior stone to the newest Fadi’s restaurants.  The stone used is our Turlington Ledgestone, which is part of our Rustic Ledge Collection.  While many people choose to drystack this material, or install without the use of a mortar joint, the designers and contractors wanted the stone to have a unique and distinctive finished appearance.  Mortar color can drastically change the completed look.   By utilizing white mortar in the joints, the Turlington Ledgestone is definitely a key-focal point of the interior, and the stone truly “pops” when paired with the light mortar color. 

The pictures showcase the natural variance apparent in this material in both color and texture.  Brown, light grey, dark grey, charcoal and rust are all present in this stone providing a beautiful visual contrast.  Another key feature of the Turlington stone is that it displays different textures.  Both the natural, or rough face, and the ledge side of the stone is featured throughout.  These differences and variations are considered as individual characteristics and beauty of the stone.

Turlington Ledgestone Thin Veneer at Fadi's

We can’t wait until the new Fadi’s restaurant opens (slated to open July 2016) to not only check out the stone, but to enjoy the delicious food!  If you have not visited a Fadi’s previously, we encourage you to stop in the Attingham/I-10 location this summer and don’t forget to take a look at the amazing stone!!

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