New Business features NEW STONE!

Natural Stone Carved Sign
Natural Stone Slab - Carved Sign - Kathy's Corner
Kathy's Korner - Sealy,TX
Kathy's Korner - Sealy,TX
Stone Veneer - Island
Stone Veneer- Bishop
Stone Columns - with Caps
Stone Peaked Caps with Chiseled Edges
Stone Thin Veneer - Interior

Local Business with literally TONS of Stone!

Traveling Westbound on I-10 from Katy, drivers are sure to notice Sealy’s newest business, Kathy’s Korner.  It’s hard to miss this hotspot right off of I-10 at Chew Road between Brookshire and Sealy.  Next time you are in the area, this is definitely a gas-station/restaurant that is so much more…it’s the newest DESTINATION west of Katy.  Gas-station, rest-area, seafood market, restaurant and convenience store, there is something for everyone at Kathy’s Korner.

Apex Stone is proud to have provided the stone used for this business known as Bishop Pierre.  This stone is unique and is only offered by Apex Stone.  The wood used on the exterior of the structure is further complimented by the natural stone selection.

The most obvious and eye-catching stonework is the store’s Welcome sign.  This massive entrance monument was hand-carved by the artisans right here at Apex Stone.  The gigantic stone slab was meticulously crafted with the company’s name, logo and welcome message.  To create such a dramatic structure, our staff channeled out the base stone to support the weight of the vertical slab.  What a FABULOUS way to welcome their customers!

Stop by and pick up a steaming bowl of gumbo, juicy hamburger or slice of pie, and don’t forget to admire the beautiful stone craftsmanship!