How to Choose a Pool Builder

Adding a swimming pool and/or spa system to your home is a hefty investment; one which requires plenty of discernment and understanding in order to make the right decisions. From materials to placement to features and building permits, it is imperative that a competent, highly skilled pool builder is chosen to guide you along the road.

Apex Stone often works with pool builders and owners in the Houston area for their coping and deckingFlagstone Coping and Moss Rock Accents needs, so we are familiar with the aspects that make for a great pool-building experience. First and foremost, it is essential that you ask the right questions when interviewing builders. We recommend asking:

1. How long the pool builder has been in business and how many pools they have built.

2. Does the builder have previous customer references? Pictures? Would someone be willing to let you visit or do they have a showroom?

3. Does your pool builder have drowning prevention options? A competent pool builder will respect your concerns and incorporate any needed safety prevention into the planning process instead of stalling until after the pool is finished.

4. What sort of communication line will be open during the construction phase? You will likely find many reasons to get in contact with your builder during the process. Knowing who to talk to and how accessible they are can help you to be comfortable from the beginning.

5. What material options are available? The more materials the builder is comfortable working with, the more likely they are to provide you with your optimally custom look. Do they work with natural stone? Do they have coping options? Can you see materials samples?

6. Are they able to build the style you like? Can they do Roman/Grecian designs, Geometric shapes, Free-form shapes, Gunite, or Infinity style? Will they be able to build features like rock waterfalls, fountains, and slides?

7. What lighting options are available? While these questions aid in a solid start, there are still many items to consider. We believe your experience will be better in the long run if you consider the following:

  • The lowest bid will likely not be the highest quality. Think about what matters most to you. Appearance? Functionality? Be sure the builder you choose and deliver on those grounds, and expect to pay for quality.
  • What is your experience when meeting with the builder? Are they accommodating yet firm in what they represent, or are they pushy and defensive?
  • Above all, are you comfortable? If you have bad vibes or are worried about your decision, there may likely be a good reason why. Don't be afraid to say no and keep looking for the right fit!

     If you have any questions about pool building, pool builders, or materials for your pool, feel free to  contact us.