Custom Fabricated Stone - Wine Room, Sinks, Counters & More

Customers do still visit for landscaping materials, new home construction, pools and patios, but we are seeing an upswing in the desire for more unique, one-of-a-kind products as well.  This increase in the market trend has spurred Apex Stone® to construct a full-service fabrication facility.  Custom products add a tremendous amount of beauty and value to your project.  Apex Stone® boasts more design and creative capabilities than most stone fabricators.  Let’s look at some recent projects that are out of the ordinary, but showcase our proficiency in creating EXTRAORDINARY works of art!!

Project #1:  Custom Wine Room - Stone Rack
The plans for this room originally included a curved, wooden rack.  During a site visit, an Apex Stone employee mentioned the option of using natural stone instead.  The customer fell in love with the idea and this stunning project was born!
This is the original rendering from the plans.  A template was created to start the fabrication process.
Each individual piece was handcrafted to fit together independently.  Throughout the process, the pieces are dry-fit in our facility to ensure quality control.
Check out this beauty!  Once satisfied with the final product, the material is shipped to the customer and installed!

Project # 2 & 3 & 4:  Custom Sinks
While designing their dream home, these discerning customers were looking for products that created old-world charm throughout the home.  The homeowners found photos in various magazines and asked if our Artisans could recreate the three pieces.  And, WOW!  The results were amazing!
Sink #1 is 100% constructed out of natural limestone and is self supporting.  Again, because the customer wanted this to look reclaimed and distressed, our Artisans paid special attention to the finish details.
Sink #'s 2 & 3 are also created from natural limestone.  One sink has very clean and linear lines while the other sink has more free-flowing curved supports.