Lanier Learning Center

Explore how Apex Stone transformed the Lanier Learning Center into a masterpiece with natural stone solutions.


Chiffon Limestone, Pergamino Limestone.


Flooring, wall cladding, stair treads, window surrounds, door surrounds, column, balustrades, hand railing, and caps.

Project Overview

The Lanier Learning Center was constructed to serve as a conference center for scholars and theologians to study and deliver lectures. The exterior of the building comprised over 70,000 square feet of dimensional cut stone, with an additional 25,000 square feet in architectural cut stone.

Lanier Learning Center in Houston, Texas. Stone work, which includes limestone treads, balustrades, columns, flooring, cladding, and more by Apex Stone

Window Surround



Stair Treads

Wall Cladding


Lanier Learning Center in Houston, Texas, modeled after Christ Church, out of Oxford, England, also famously recognized as Hogwarts from Harry Potter, comparison. Stone work by Apex Stone

We were approached by the project team when they realized the magnitude of the undertaking and sought assistance from Apex Stone. Their goal was to replicate the solid natural stone construction of Christ Church, famously known for its appearance as Hogwarts in the Harry Potter film series.

While international options were considered, they preferred to work with a local company due to the project’s fast pace and potential logistical challenges.

Although Austin Cream limestone was initially preferred, its limitations in terms of seams, waste concerns, and project timeline led us to recommend our Chiffon limestone. Chiffon was used for both interior and exterior cladding, as well as architectural elements such as window surrounds, balustrades, and columns.

For high-traffic areas where Chiffon was unsuitable, we introduced our Pergamino limestone as floor tile, which received favorable feedback, and paired well with the Chiffon.

Exterior of the Lanier Learning Center with Chiffon limestone by Apex Stone

Challenges Faced

One of the primary challenges was the lack of detailed plans and a tight timeline. Working from 3D walkthroughs and images, we had to ensure effective communication and site visits to capture all necessary details and updates. This involved adapting to the client’s evolving preferences and incorporating new elements into the design on the fly.

Key Takeaways

The project significantly enhanced our operational efficiency and elevated our standards. We proved that we’re more than just a stone supplier and can compete on a global scale.

A notable example of our problem-solving skills was the design of the stairs to adhere to fire code regulations while maintaining aesthetic appeal. We redesigned the balustrades and hand railing to ensure compliance and safety without compromising on the design integrity.

Overall, our collaboration with Lanier Theological Library exemplifies the seamless fusion of vision, craftsmanship, and dedication to excellence that defines Apex Stone. From overcoming challenges to delivering outstanding results, this project showcases our commitment to bringing architectural dreams to life through the artistry of stone. 

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