Custom cut flooring to size specification is our specialty! Accentuate the other stone accents in your home with complimentary stone flooring to give a luxurious upgrade. With a variety of finishes, your stone flooring will be completely unique to your style and create a WOW factor your guests will not soon forget.

A natural stone floor made of flagstone can be the perfect accent to any house.  Whether you are building a new home or updating your old patio, we have many flagstone options to compliment any structure.  Several thicknesses are available to provide the most cost effective application.

Our Cobble Collection includes both river rock and cobble stones which are irregular in nature. This collection consists of the largest range of sizes and shapes to suit the customer who is looking for a truely unique stone pattern.
River Rock is hand-picked from dry creek beds and rivers and will have smooth surfaces with rounded edges that are naturally tumbled by Mother Nature.  River Rock typically has random sizes available from 3 inches to 12 inches in diameter (Heights).
Cobble stone refers to material that is more random in size.  Most cobble stone is not smooth like River Rock; however, it can present with some smooth edges.
Both Cobble and River Rock is typically more measurable in diameter than a length-width-height measurement.