Outdoor Living with Natural Stone: Ideas and Inspiration

Outdoor living featuring a fire pit and flagstone with chairs surrounding fire pit

Transforming your outdoor living area into a serene and inviting space can add immeasurable value and enjoyment to your home. Natural stone, with its durability, versatility, and timeless beauty, offers endless possibilities to create an outdoor haven. Let’s explore creative ideas and practical tips for incorporating natural stone into your outdoor spaces, turning them into […]

Mortar Color – Which is Best for Your Stone?

Does mortar color matter?

Many people wonder if the mortar color is important, often prioritizing their stone choices. However, the impact mortar color has on the overall look is quite significant. Picking mortar is akin to selecting the right accessories for your outfit—it completes the look. Consider the home’s personality and style. Want rustic? Grey might be your match. […]

A Journey Through Apex Stone’s Fabrication Process

Apex Stone's machine cutting into limestone block to create window surrounds

Sourcing Stones Globally: A World of Possibilities Our stone-sourcing process is a global expedition, ensuring you have an unparalleled selection to bring your unique vision to life. From the quarries of distant lands to your space, every piece bears the mark of nature’s artistry. Designing Your Vision: Where Ideas Take Shape At Apex Stone, we […]

Choosing the Perfect Stone Supplier: A Quick Guide

Choosing the Perfect Stone Supplier

Embark on the journey to elevate your space with the perfect stone supplier. Your choice in stone is pivotal, and finding a trustworthy supplier is the initial step toward achieving your desired aesthetic. In this guide, we’ll navigate the essential considerations and provide insights to empower you to make an informed decision. Assess Your Needs […]

How to Clean Your Natural Stone

How to Clean Your Natural Stone

How to Clean and Maintain Your Natural Stone Surfaces – Indoors and Outdoors Welcome to another insightful guide brought to you by Apex Stone! In this post, we delve into the art of maintaining the timeless elegance of your natural stone surfaces, whether they grace the interiors or enhance the exteriors of your living spaces. […]

Rock With Apex 2023: A Day of Stone, Celebration, and Community

Rock With Apex 2023 Event Art

Apex Stone’s first ever “Rock With Apex” event, held on October 20th, 2023, marked a remarkable day of unity, celebration, and, of course, stone! With an impressive turnout, this event brought together homeowners, architects, designers, builders, and passionate stone enthusiasts, creating an unforgettable experience. Unveiling Stone’s Secrets: Guided tours took our guests behind the scenes, […]

Full Bed Stone Veneer vs Thin Stone Veneer

Thin Veneer Stone vs Full Veneer Stone

Choosing the right stone veneer for your project is crucial, and the decision often boils down to selecting between full bed stone veneer and thin stone veneer. Both options have their distinct advantages, and understanding their characteristics, applications, and nuances is essential in making an informed choice that aligns perfectly with your design vision. In […]

Stone Sealing: Should I Seal my Stone?

Stone sealing: Should I seal my stone?

To Seal or Not to Seal: Decoding the Mystery of Stone Sealing When it comes to natural stone surfaces, one common question that arises is whether or not to seal the stone. While some argue that sealing is essential for protection and longevity, others believe that natural stone is inherently durable and does not require […]

Apex Stone: Amongst the Best Stone Companies

Apex Stone is one of the best stone companies in the United States

Welcome to the world of Apex Stone. In the realm of natural stone suppliers, Apex Stone has proudly established itself as one of the best stone companies in 2023. With a relentless commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, Apex Stone continues to set new benchmarks in the industry. Here’s the link to the article: https://georgebuildings.com/best-stone-companies/. […]

Natural Stone Vs. Manufactured Stone

When it comes to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your space, choosing the right material is crucial. In the world of stone, there are two main contenders: natural stone vs. manufactured (fake) stone. This blog post delves into the distinct differences between natural stone and manufactured (fake) stone, providing a comparison of their characteristics, advantages, […]