Fireplace Surrounds


Fireplace Surrounds 

Social gatherings and special family moments tend to happen around the family fireplace.  Many people believe that custom, natural stone fireplaces are too expensive.  To the contrary, fireplace surrounds are available to accommodate a wide variety of budgets.

Choosing the appropriate architectural surround style is paramount for the overall look of the space.  From simple and clean lines, to elaborate detailing and flourishes, our skilled craftsmen hand-carve the surround to your individual specifications.  Furthermore, Apex Stone offers different stone colors which add variety and individuality to your custom piece.  You can select from standard designs provided by our staff members, or submit your own drawings to our team for review and collaboration.

We look forward to helping you create the surround of your dreams!

Cream Limestone - Carved Fireplace Surround
Cream Limestone - Carved Fireplace Surround
Fireplace Surround - Hand Carved
Hand Carved Accents
Fireplace Surround with Cladding/Panels
Rustic Fireplace Surround
Hand Chiseled Fireplace Surround
Hand Carved Fireplace Surround
Fire Place Surround
Cream Limestone Panels with Cream Limestone Fireplace Surround
Cream Limestone Panels with Cream Limestone Fireplace Surround
Arvada Fireplace Surround
Buchanan - Front View
Buchanan - Side View
Calgary - Front View
Calgary - Side View
Carlton - Front View
Carlton - Side View
Cavanaugh - Front View
Cavanaugh - Side View
Elysian - Front View
Elysian - Side View
Griffin - Front View
Griffin - Side View
Holloway - Front View
Holloway - Side View
Hugo - Front View
Hugo - Side View
Magnolia - Front View
Magnolia - Side View
McAllister - Front View
McAllister - Side View
Pierson - Front View
Pierson - Side View
Spencer - Front View
Spencer - Side View


Choctaw Tan
Winchester Grey
Blanca Limon
Cafe America
Cafe Dos