Alma Cocina

Alma Cocina stone backdrop by Apex Stone

Alma Cocina

We enjoyed creating a stunning onyx backdrop for the entrance of a Georgia-based restaurant: Alma Cocina. Partnering with a designer from ASD Sky Design in New York City, project manager Elizabeth Wilson masterfully crafted the dream showpiece based on the 8′ x 6′ natural stone piece specification, rendering, design wishes, and schematic for the project. A phone call requesting a “natural stone statement piece” turned into much more back-and-forth communication, and she was able to make recommendations due to the initial design preference to hang the stone directly from the ceiling. Due to its thickness and weight, our team assisted in brainstorming alternative options for a wider variety of stone possibilities that would satisfy the vision. Liz skillfully assembled several product options we could source, and finally hit the target mark for the designer who was able to choose the exact block to be shipped to the restaurant! Carefully packaging and crating the impressive slab backdrop, it was loaded and delivered to its prominent new home.

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